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Happiness is being
on board.

But don't pee in my car!  ;-)

Pet Taxi. Pet Transport. Pet Transfer. Any others? Well, you get the idea. To and fro with your pooch, putty-tat, tweety bird or pet rock (...pet rock?).

Pet Boarding And Daycare Facilities In Dubai

Same-day back and forth or on any schedule you have planned. (With plenty of updates along the way!)

Veterinary Clinics

For humdrum appointments or anything more serious, including emergencies. You can come with me, of course, but if not, I'll keep you updated from beginning to end.

Pet Airport Transfers

Leaving the UAE and need help getting your pet to the airport with you for your do-it-yourself export?

Pet Taxi To A New Home

Moving to a new home? Need a little logistical relief?

Out Of Town But Your Pet Is Not?

Just contact me and I'll deal with everything, including coordinating with your home-sitter or friend or vet or boarding facility or... whomever you've got here on the ground in the UAE. (And I'll keep you updated every step of the way... because I'm obnoxious!)

Pet Transport Anywhere In The UAE

...for any reason. Isn't that what pet taxis are for?  ;-)

Pet Emergencies

24/7. I'm pretty sure that's what pet taxis are for, right?  :-)

I'm a career animal junky. Offering pet services is not just for you... it's for me too! :-)
So climb on into my jalopy.

AED 150
anywhere in Dubai

AED 350
anywhere in the UAE outside Dubai

AED 250
to any veterinary clinic in Dubai and return home

AED 300
to Dubai International Airport for your pet's trip, during normal working hours

AED 400
to Dubai International Airport for your pet's trip, outside normal working hours

And for drop-off and pick-up at daycare facilities for long-term customer... special prices for you! (Let's talk.)

How it works

Get in touch.
Let's make the plan.
Then you get on with your plans.
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